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If you find welts or itchy spots on your body, tiny blood spots on your mattress, or if you are buying a home for the first time you may want to be sure you do not have Bed Bugs.

Beach Environmental Exterminating would like to welcome Dia,The Bed Bug Detecting Dog. Dia is a Belgian Malinois that knows over fourteen different commands in French that will help find your pests. Dia and her handler, Duane Cyr, have been trained by Scott’s K-9; a company that also trains police security dogs and narcotics sniffing dogs.

Dia has been nationally certified with Drug BEDT. Bed Bugs have become a severe problem in the North East and are becoming increasingly prevalent in Florida. Bed bugs infest your mattress, headboards, light switches, plugs, baseboards and anything with a thread count. In most cases, bed bugs are a once in a lifetime occurrence.

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