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  • Professional Home & Commercial Pest Control

    Professional Home & Commercial Pest Control

    Beach Environmental Pest Control is an environmentally friendly company. We have developed many specific services to solve most pest control, rodent control, and termite control problems. Our Services reduce the amount of pesticides used and in some cases we eliminate them entirely. It is not just the smart way, it’s Beach Environmental way.

  • Subterranean Termite Control

    Subterranean Termite Control

    For our Subterranean Termite control, we use the Sentricon® System. During regular inspections, we use only grams of an insect growth regulator. Conventional termite treatments use hundreds of gallons of termicide and do not eliminate all of the colonies.

  • Lawn Ornamental & Tree Spraying

    Lawn Ornamental & Tree Spraying

    We have been providing Lawn Ornamental & Tree Spraying Services since the opening of our company in 1998. Beach Environmental technicians are trained to find the root of your pest problems which allows them to use much less insecticide than other blindfold methods. This efficiency results in less insecticides used on reoccurring services.

  • Rodent Control

    Rodent Control

    Our rodent services are done without the use of rodenticides. Securing your house is important, but only with our rodent services can you rest easy knowing that your house is safe. We practice “sweat equity and common sense”, this means more labor and less chemical on our rodent proofing and rodent trapping services.

  • Tent Fumigation

    Tent Fumigation

    Beach Environmental is one of the largest tent fumigators in the state of Florida. We use a fumigant that has no odor and leaves no lingering residue. We tent buildings for drywood termites, bed bugs, and powder post beetles. Beach Environmental Exterminating, Inc. has tented some of Florida’s largest buildings. From the University of Florida in Gainesville to Miami Dade County, we tent all of the big buildings.

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