Drywood Termites

If you live in South Florida the reality is that your home will get termites within the first fifteen years. It is how you take care of the Drywood Termite problem that matters. There are many companies that sell products and services that can prolong the inevitable – your house will need to be Tent Fumigated.


Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live under the ground and forage up to 100 feet away from where the colony is located. They feed off of different areas including stumps, wooden trusses, trees and anything with a good wood supply. They can cross property lines underground and move to different areas undetected.

Employees are the face and heartbeat of your Company!

Eduardo has been taking such good care of our home for many years and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate and most importantly trust him. Good and reliable people are not easy to come by, let alone keep. We fully understand employees are the face and heartbeat