Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control

As a Palm Beach or Broward County resident, you know firsthand that maintaining a luscious, green lawn can be a nightmare for homeowners. Between the heat and humidity and the constant rain, your lawn or garden may not be looking its best lately.

Sprial Whitefly Control

Spiral Whitefly invade trees native to South Florida; Gumbo Limbo, Black Olive, Copperleaf, Arrowhead, Coloplum, Mango & many more. The best way to manage is with early detection & intervention to save your trees. Call today for a free same day inspection.We found Spiral Whitefly on the Gumbo Limbo & Coconut Palms on Peanut Island. They can also be a threat to trees in your yard. They lays eggs in a spiral pattern footprint and cover the eggs with a waxy tar like substance on the leaves.

Fig Whitefly

Fig Whitefly affects ficus hedges and trees which causes them to drop their leaves. Ficus hedges are commonly used for privacy and with Fig whitefly in them its harder to have privacy. Beach Environmental does a systemic drench which helps prevent/eradicate them to keep Ficus hedges full and healthy.​


Zoysia is a turf grass with a finer texture than St Augustine. It is emerald green in color and is susceptible to insects and fungal disease. Without proper specialized maintenance its is easily destroyed. This type of grass is suitable for estates, country clubs and is considered a designer turf.


Very nice! Every technician we have had over the years has been exceptional!