Tent Fumigation

Tent Fumigation

Beach Environmental is one of the largest tent fumigators in the state of Florida. We use a fumigant that has no odors and leaves no residuals. We tent buildings to eliminate drywood termites, bed bugs, and powder post beetles.

Most other pest control companies will tell you that the problem can be solved without performing a tent fumigation on your house. You may even see services that advertise a “NO Tent Solution”. Don’t be fooled as this is not a wise decision or the right choice. Although tent fumigation can be troublesome for the occupants, it is short-term, and by far the most efficient and long lasting way to rid your home of a pest infestation.

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Tent fumigation will eliminate your termite problems, but it won’t prevent future infestations. The only way to ensure that your home remains pest free is to have the experts here at Beach Environmental continue to treat and protect your home on a regular basis.

Beach Environmental Exterminating, Inc. has tented some of Florida’s largest buildings. From the University of Florida in Gainesville to Miami Dade County, we tent buildings of all sizes from tall office buildings to your modest house.

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Tent Fumigation

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