Lawn & Ornamental Disease

Lawn & Ornamental Disease In South Florida​

Beach Environmental Lawn Spray service prevents damaging insects from hurting your lawn and ornamentals. Including Chinch bugs, sod web worms, army worms, ants, large patch, dollar spot, broadleaf weed control and includes a bloom special for flowering plants. Our job is to keep your property blooming and insect free.

Chinch Bug

Chinch bugs like hot, dry sunny lawns. They cause extensive damage quickly, especially to St. Augustine Grass. Lawns suffering from chinch bug infestations have large patches of irregular , yellowish, stunted , wilted grass. chinch bugs suck the sap from the frass blades, at the same time injuring the grass, causing it to wither and die (leaving brown areas of turf).

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Boron Deficiency

This is one of the most Common and widespread micronutrient deficiencies around the world.

Symptoms will first appear in new leaves, boron is required to build plant cell walls; therefore, when not enough boron is available, the areas of the plant with the most rapid growth are affected first.

If you are finding stunted growth, call us today to diagnose the issue and start working towards healthy plants in your yard.