Bee Removal

Bee Removal*

*This service only offered from Beach Environmental Hollywood Location*

Bees are extremely important for humans, but also for our entire ecosystems to function. As we know, bees allow plants to reproduce through pollination. These plants contribute to the food system by feeding animals – aside from humans – such as birds and insects.

If bees become a nuisance, it is important to call a professional to take care of them, Most bee species have a stinger and in rare occasions anaphylactic shock could happen if stung by one.



Know your Bees:

Honey bees
  • Live in large Colony Hives
  • Are not aggressive
  • Barbed Stinger – stays with victim, killing the bee
Carpenter Bees
  • Solitary, burrows into wood
  • Are Not Aggressive
  • Smooth Stinger – Capable of stinging multiple times.
Bumble Bee
  • Nest undergroundor in confined spaces such as attics
  • Somewhat agressive
  • Smooth stinger – Capable of stinging multiple times

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