Wintertime Rodent Control Services

Rodent Control Services
Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s safe to say that the Holiday Season is officially upon us. The streets are filled with holiday lights and decorations, the malls are packed with shoppers and the local roof rats are searching for their next home. That’s right. While you’re busy getting ready for the holidays, rats may be spending their time trying to sneak into your home or office. Unfortunately, it only takes a small, quarter-sized hole for them to enter in, and before you know it, you’ve got an unwanted holiday guest lurking around.

Learn More About Roof Rats

With the cooler weather upon us, roof rats make it their mission to seek out a warmer place to live. For them, your attic serves as the perfect potential home. Once the rats enter in through your roof, they don’t just stay there. They tend to move around into your living space in search of food and other options for shelter. The problem is, rats carry more diseases than any other mammal. This leaves your home or office extremely susceptible.

Beach Environmental Can Help

These sneaky little critters can come in through multiple areas of your home ranging from air conditioning cooling lines to corners and crevices that are barely even visible. At Beach Environmental, we can help you remove an unwanted rat or protect your home or office with our Rodent Proofing Service. Rodent Removal West Palm Beach With this service, we meticulously go around your property and identify any potential areas that could serve as an entrance for rats. Then we take the necessary steps to prevent them from coming in and wreaking havoc.

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Whether you’re looking to rodent proof your home, monitor an ongoing problem or trap an existing rat, Beach Environmental is here to help. Our team is experienced with roof rats and rodents of all kinds and can safely remove or protect your home or office in no time. For more information, we encourage you to call 561-841-0077 or schedule a free inspection today.