Lethal Viral Necrosis

Lawn not looking so great? It may have LVN

Lethal Viral Necrosis a.k.a. Sugarcane Mosiac Virus SCMV

Lethal Viral Necrosis, also called sugarcane mosaic virus was first discovered on the south end of St. Petersburg, Florida. This virus is known to attack the Floratam (Cultivated Variety) of St. Augustine grass. Virus symptoms include , Yellow, or dead elongated spots on the leaves, unhealthy yellowish or bronzish tinge and/or dead lawn.

It is spread primarily when infected lawns are mowed, the mower wheels and lawn equipment pick up plant sap on tires and lawn equipment and is then spread to the next lawn that is cut.

What can YOU do about it?

Currently there is No pesticide ( fungicides, insecticides, vaccines, etc.) that will cure LVN in Floratam

  • Sanitize mowing equipment after LVN infected turf is cut
  • Avoid mowing grass if it is too wet
  • Promote a heathy lawn with best management practices for fertilization, watering, mowing height and fungal management.

Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem is the replacement of the affected area with another variety of St. Augustine grass other than Floratam,
such as Palmetto which is very similar to, but shown to be resistant to the virus. 

If you would like to know more about this virus please follow the link to find out more: