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As the weather starts to turn warmer pests, begin to creep out of the woodwork. With their winter hibernation behind them, they can find their way to your yard, your trees, flowers and bushes or, what’s worse, your home.

The Problem

In warm, sunny South Florida, it’s not uncommon for bugs to infest your yard. They move in once the weather warms up, and can destroy your beautiful lawn, prevent flowers from blooming or even destroy your trees from the inside out.

Here are just a few pests and insects you should look out for as a Florida homeowner:

  • Whitefly, damage both palm trees and hedges. They cause them to drop leaves and create a sticky residue that can leave marks on your patio, pool and car.
  • Webworms, which live in soil and sod, eating grass from the bottom up. Mole crickets, which tunnel through the soil, just below the surface, uprooting your grass and destroying your lawn in their wake.
  • Palm Leaf Scales, headless, legless bugs that attack palm trees.
  • Chinch bugs, which feed on plant juices, pierce blades of grass and damage turf.
  • Aphids, that feed on ornamental plants, like shrubs and palms.
Thanks to the humidity and lack of a severe cold season, there are hundreds of other pests that can thrive in your yard or your home. Before the weather gets too warm, it’s important to take steps to prevent an infestation before it’s too late.

Love your Lawn Again!

Lawn SprayingAt Beach Environmental, we want to help you not only protect your lawn and your home, but ensure it’s always looking its absolute best, too. To do that, we offer year-round lawn services that can ward off potential infestations keeping your grass green, your flowers blooming and your trees healthy. To start, we inspect, observe and analyze your lawn, trees and ornamentals from top to bottom. We look for any signs of infestation, weed problems and other potential issues. Then, our expert technician will tailor a lawn program specific to your lawn. Customers will receive everything that they need for their specific lawn. Do you want to ensure your property is looking its best? Contact Beach Environmental at 561-841-0077 today, our team is here to help.